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Embark on a journey with the AMADEUS fleet — enjoy the convenience of only having to unpack your suitcase once then sit back as your floating hotel cruises to a new destination every day. The ambiance of your luxurious stateroom invites you to relax in the morning before your discovery tours and unwind in style at the end of a full day's activities. Regardless of category or deck level, light-filled living spaces artfully combined with contemporary décor make your stateroom a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of every day life. 

Experience the Gems of Europe from the Comfort of Your Floating Hotel

very voyage is an unforgettable experience with AMADEUS, and getting to your destination is an exhilarating part of the journey. Large panoramic windows, spacious interiors, and timeless elegance will leave you breathless. Explore an interesting port or village on your own by bike. Pamper yourself with a relaxing massage. Fit in a workout at our 24-hour fitness center. Attend inspiring lectures and learn more about the people and cultures of each region. Make new friends, and then celebrate with your favorite cocktail in the inviting Panorama-Bar and Lounge.

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Responsibility is our hallmark.

For over 40 years we have been cruising the most beautiful regions along European rivers. From the very beginning, our special way of traveling resulted in great respect for nature, culture and the people we meet along the way. Therefore, it is natural for us to prioritize responsible travel practices.

From the launch of the first AMADEUS ship, we not only met environmental protection standards, but also set new ones. This has remained the case to this day and as a family business, sustainability is more than just a buzzword for us. It is fundamental to our core values.

The Green Award: A sustainable future is the greatest reward.

In the spring of 2022, the AMADEUS fleet received the prestigious Green Award — a recognition of our industryleading performance in safety and environmental standards.

This internationally renowned award is given to river cruise ships that consistently follow the principles of sustainable travel and do their part to ensure that the future on these incredible rivers is as special as the experiences they give us today. 

Our commitment to the environment

Sustainability and traveling in harmony with nature is a matter close to our hearts. Here is how we do it:

Shore-powered electricity and energy-efficient technology

When we are in port, we connect our ships to the on-site energy grid via Powerlock whenever possible. This also applies to the winter period, when we prepare our fleet for the new season which allows us to reduce noise and dirt in the surrounding cities. On board, too, we utilize the latest generation of energy-efficient technology to lower power consumption across the board.

Low emissions complying with the latest standards

Standards are good, but exceeding them is better. Whenever we build a new ship, it sets new standards in technology. The latest generation of AMADEUS ships is equipped with innovative engines that effectively reduce overall fuel consumption. Our Fleet Controlling System keeps our engines running at maximum efficiency and automatically travels at the speed that consumes the least fuel. In addition, our excursions are also planned to be as fuel-efficient as possible.

Our water and the natural water cycle

Naturally, we have a special connection with water. That’s why it’s so important to us to keep it clean. The ships in our fleet are equipped with state-of-the-art water treatment plants. Using membrane technology, our plants use microfiltration systems and recycle all the water we use on board. In addition, we make sure to use as little water as possible. For example, we use vacuum toilets to minimize water consumption. We also reuse towels as often as possible.

Less plastic, more recycling

We don’t do disposable. That’s why you’ll find soap and shampoo dispensers in every bathroom, glass water bottles on every cabin table, and paper straws instead of plastic ones. In the near future, we will also introduce Tetra Pak water containers on every excursion. With our modern waste management system, we ensure that much of what we dispose of becomes valuable raw material once more, ready to be repurposed again and again. 

259 Cruises · 18 Ships

Cruise Regions

  • Rhine
  • Main
  • Danube
  • Rhine/Danube
  • Dutch Waterways
  • Moselle
  • Gironde/Garonne
  • Rhone/Saone
  • Seine

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Reasons to Book


Rise from your comfortable bed and shine! The light streams through my expansive window as the light bounces across the gentle waves of the river just outside your luxurious stateroom. With the press of a button, your panorama window lowers to let the cool morning breeze in. Before you set off for the day, take a moment to freshen up in your bright and roomy bathroom quarters.

Your contemporary suite or cabin was designed and furnished with love. High-quality beds, bouncy armchairs, plenty of storage, and modern color schemes – all crafted with you in mind.


Enjoy that first sip of freshly brewed, steaming hot coffee as you peruse the morning’s mealtime choices. A dazzling array of delicious breakfast items beckons you as you find your seat in the elegant Panorama-Restaurant. You ponder how much the human stomach can hold as you pass the freshly baked breads, made daily onboard your vessel.

After settling in, make your way to the breakfast buffet – where market-fresh fruits and vegetables, delicious dairy products, crisp whole grain pastries, plus selected coffee and tea specialties, await you!

Can you smell the tantalising aromas wafting from our kitchen? We expertly prepare every dish from the finest and freshest of ingredients. At lunchtime, we’re serving up culinary delights inspired by the regions you’ll cruise through. You can expect exclusive menus, buffets, and specialties in the Panorama-Restaurant or instead choose to sample a light, yet heavenly, treat in the AMADEUS Lounge.


Now you know why previous AMADEUS cruisegoers keep coming back - your stateroom appears to be literally sparkling! The staff’s attention to every minute detail, the gleaming bathroom, and the soft scent of springtime on your linens dares you to stay in bed all day.

Members Club

Join the AMADEUS Club. It’s easy and rewarding.

Discover the AMADEUS CRUISER CLUB and be part of a community of sophisticated travelers: people who like to expand their world view through travel. Travelers like you.

It is a club for everyone who wants to combine exclusive advantages and amazing river experiences. And it revolves around you. Because we offer you not only wonderful destinations on the luxurious AMADEUS ships, but also exclusive amenities and benefits on board.

After your first cruise on one of our AMADEUS ships, you can join the AMADEUS CRUISER CLUB and benefit from the numerous club advantages on your very next cruise.

AMADEUS Member | You become eligible after your first cruise with an AMADEUS vessel.

Your Benefits

  • Welcome Bonus of €30 per person*
  • Annual Bonus of €30 per person**
  • Invitation to the exclusive ACC Cocktail Party with your cruise director

AMADEUS STAR Member | You become eligible after your third cruise with an AMADEUS vessel

Your Benefits

  • Welcome Bonus of €50 per person*
  • Annual Bonus of €50 per person**
  • Invitation to the exclusive ACC Cocktail Party with your cruise director
  • Free cabin upgrade to the next category***
  • Invitation to the Captain's Table during the Captain's Gala Dinner

AMADEUS GOLD Member | You become eligible after your 7th cruise with an AMADEUS vessel

Your Benefits

  • Welcome Bonus of €100 per person*
  • Annual Bonus of €100 per person**
  • Invitation to the exclusive ACC Cocktail Party with your cruise director
  • Free cabin upgrade to the next category***
  • Invitation to the Captain's Table during the Captain's Gala Dinner
  • Free Spa treatment (1 hour) on board
  • Invitation to exclusive AMADEUS events