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The Hebridean difference

On board a Hebridean cruise you will find none of the brash garishness so often associated with cruise ships and cruising. Instead, we welcome our guests into an atmosphere where congenial company mixes with an anticipation of discovery; where service and comfort are paramount and where, as the providers of the finest tours ashore, our enthusiastic and knowledgeable guides are a fount of knowledge on the spectacular Highlands and Islands.

Luxury cruises as individual as you

Both Hebridean Princess and Royal Crown echo the company philosophy that “small is personal”, giving a small number of guests the very special Hebridean Experience of luxury cruising to off-the-beaten track or unusual destinations. Our excellent crew has earned us a world-class reputation for unbeatable service, together with fine food and wine and an attention to detail no longer common in the present era of mass travel.

Unique itineraries

Finding new and beautiful places is a Hebridean speciality. This ethos means we work tirelessly to seek out locations that will thrill and excite our guests. Cruising often to destinations where larger ships cannot venture, our tours ashore allow you to explore the rich culture and history of each destination.

Exclusively all-inclusive tariff

Our cruises are all-inclusive. Not an empty promise, but a Hebridean policy to ensure you have a carefree holiday, both on board and ashore. The tariff includes all meals and snacks on board, Taittinger champagne by the glass, wines, spirits, beers, soft drinks, tea and coffee, all shore visits, use of ship’s bicycles, gym equipment, fishing tackle, port and passenger taxes, gratuities and for the Hebridean River Cruises programme return air or rail travel.

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Hebridean Princess - Twice Chartered by HM The Queen

Hebridean Princess has been chartered by Queen Elizabeth II on two separate occasions for family holidays around the Scottish Islands. The first time, to mark her 80th birthday in July 2006, and the second for two weeks in July 2010.

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Reasons to Book

Unique experiences for a few people - never something ordinary for a crowd

Hebridean Princess

• Beautiful and remote destinations on your door step

• Timeless elegance and a country house atmosphere

• A maximum of 50 guests

• A guest to crew ratio of almost 1 to 1

• Genuinely fully-inclusive cruise fares

• Fine dining with locally sourced produce

• Dedicated allocation of single cabins

• Knowledgeable and experienced guides

• Themed itineraries including gardens, walking, food and drink

Hebridean European River Cruises

• European river cruises with revered Hebridean standards

• Accompanied group travel arrangements from the UK

• Meticulously planned itineraries

• Small and elegant vessel with a dedicated crew

• a maximum of 70 guests

• Genuinely fully-inclusive cruise fares

• Fine dining restaurant

• Dedicated allocation of single cabins

• Enriching guest speaker programme

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