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Noble Caledonia was established in 1991. It all started with Andrew Cochrane, a travel industry expert of considerable experience who made a call to Christer Salen, Swedish owner of a small ship called Caledonian Star. A plan was set in motion to market the vessel in the UK and from this point onwards things snowballed quite quickly. First a new company was created to market the Caledonian Star and given a name – Noble Caledonia. Within two weeks an office was set up in Mayfair, stationery was printed and the first advert was placed in the Daily Telegraph – Noble Caledonia was on its way.

Happily the first Caledonian Star cruise in 1991 was a success. Since then they have steadily grown their offering of tours and cruises, responding to wishes and ideas from their regular clients and searching out the new, exciting and at times unusual. Their aim was and remains to always provide a unique, interesting and educational travel experience; a journey shared with like-minded travellers. Whilst their repertoire has expanded over the years what has remained constant is their knowledge and expertise. Their staff in both the office and the field have grown with them and their dedication and experience has helped them to shape the high level of planning, quality and personalised service that has become their hallmark.

Almost a quarter of a century on, Noble Caledonia goes from strength to strength. From their modest beginnings they have grown to the point where they are now generally recognised as being the leading small ship cruise specialist, with a loyal following and an ever developing portfolio of innovative and enticing tours and cruises.

Along the way, there have been some changes but many of their staff and clients have been with them since their establishment and continue to play an important role in their growth. Andrew Cochrane remains the company’s Managing Director and in 2006, the majority shareholding passed from Christer Salen to his daughter Katarina Salen and her husband Per Magnus Sander. The MS Island Sky and MS Caledonian Sky have replaced the Caledonian Star as their flagships and a new vessel, the Sea Explorer will shortly join their fleet.

Noble Caledonia is a rarity in today’s cruising world where the vast majority of vessels are owned and operated by multi-nationals. Being an independent company where the owners are involved in all aspects puts them in a unique place. From this position of freedom and not having to pander to shareholders and financial institutions they operate for the benefit of their passengers who reward them by travelling with them time and time again. They are immensely proud of their fleet and continue to develop inspiring itineraries aboard their own ships and others which they charter to cover all regions of the world.

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Reasons to Book

Inspiring Itineraries – Noble Caledonia pride themselves on always having something new and unique to offer and their well informed and well-travelled London based staff have created a captivating collection of journeys all over the world using varying modes of transport. Constantly on the move from region to region their vessels specialise in one-off itineraries, it is rare that identical itineraries are offered within the same year and if they are it is for very special reasons or extraordinary demand.

Life Onboard – The experience and atmosphere onboard one of their vessels is very different to that onboard the usual big cruise ships and is more akin to a private yacht or country house hotel, with informative guest speakers and cruise directors as well as expedition teams. The emphasis of their cruises is on discovery whether based around the natural world or a more cultural theme.

Onboard Experts – They will accompany many of the tours and add to your enjoyment of the areas you are visiting through a series of talks and informal discussions on board. Either as a specialist on the area or in a specific field, their on board talks will bring an added dimension to the tour, complementing the guides who will share their local knowledge with you during your excursions.

Members Club

Noble Caledonia has, over the years, built up a strong following of clients who travel with them regularly. They are now finding that a number of clients have taken over ten holidays with them. Therefore, they have extended the Commodore Club to acknowledge the wonderful support they have received. Below you will find some of the advantages of membership together with the limited joining qualifications.

Membership Entitlements

  • 5% discount off the regular price payable for the basic advertised holiday (after the deduction of any other applicable discounts or promotions). Please note that this discount applies to the Commodore Club members only and not to any non-members travelling with you. The discount is not applicable to any ‘additional extras’ such as flight upgrades, holiday extensions, etc. Please note that the Commodore Club membership entitlements are not applicable on a small number of holidays that they operate. Please also note that prices shown in offers made specifically to Commodore Club members will already be inclusive of the ‘standard’ 5% discount and will not, therefore, be further discountable.
  • A lower deposit of just 5% in place of the usual 10%.
  • Regular mailings of late offers and promotions.
  • Preview information on selected forthcoming tours and cruises prior to general publication.

Qualifications for Membership

  • To become a member you must have travelled on a previous Noble Caledonia holiday.
  • Bookings have to be made directly with them (not via a travel agent).
  • Bookings made prior to membership, do not qualify for a discount.


  • Once a member, all bookings have to be made directly with Noble Caledonia Ltd in order to benefit from the Commodore Club discount and offers (and not via a travel agent).
  • Any bookings made prior to membership do not qualify for the discount.