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A passion for exclusive tall ships and sophisticated indulgence has shaped the legacy of our two yachts since their creation.

The American millionaire couple Edward F. Hutton and Marjorie Merriweather Post were already owners of several luxury vessels when, in 1929, they commissioned the construction of a new ship - one that would be larger and more extravagant than anything that had gone before. The legendary SEA CLOUD was born, a yacht whose beauty would, 70 years later, go on to inspire the building of its sister ship, the SEA CLOUD II.

Yet as elegant as our two windjammers may be, these two vessels are imbued with sailing tradition: On these ships, sailing is not just for show - it is a true craft. When the orders ring out over the deck and the crew climb the masts to hoist the sails, every single manoeuvre marks a centuries-old ritual being brought to life.

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For you and us alike, the key attraction of our trips is the chance to sail on the open seas.

We therefore take every opportunity to set sail and be propelled by the sheer power of the wind. That is why the captain will sometimes change the route if the weather requires it. On board our SEA CLOUD tall ships, you’ll experience the elements, as many of the day-to-day activities take place outside.


When we do have to start the engines, we utilise low-sulphur marine diesel on all three of our windjammers.

For us, this is standard practice. Even the SEA CLOUD, our very first windjammer, was equipped with this technology right from the start. Our motto: to minimise our impact on the environment yet still make a profound and positive impression on those around us.


Avoiding plastic, reducing water usage and protecting the environment.

These are the factors that guide us in the day to day operation of our ships and our ongoing development of eco-friendly alternatives. To cite just one example, our reusable drinks bottles are not only easy on the eye, but also easy on the environment.


Our ‘small but perfectly formed’ windjammers are able to visit smaller ports, away from the busy routes frequented by large cruise liners.

With a maximum of 64 to 136 passengers, we’re always welcomed in those locations thanks to our approach of visiting local communities rather than overwhelming them. Needless to say, our itineraries also include some classic destinations, though we usually visit these only when the mega-liners have moved on.


Procuring supplies locally, working with local, smaller-scale agencies and paying fair prices.

By taking this approach, we see ourselves as a partner for our local service providers, with whom we’ve built relationships based on trust over many years. After all, we want our voyages to benefit both our guests and the communities we visit around the world.


Our menus are always a true reflection of the regional cuisine.

This is because our chefs enjoy buying exotic spices, local specialities and freshly caught fish from local markets to bring you – even in a culinary sense – closer to the places we visit.


Heading into the future with Futouris.

Preserving the natural and cultural heritage of our world and shaping the future of tourism in a sustainable way is what Futouris stands for. Members of the network are working globally to improve people’s living conditions, preserve biodiversity and protect the environment and climate.

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Reasons to Book

The art of sailing

The sailing crew pull with all their power on a hemp rope that disappears into the rigging twenty metres above their heads. The mighty sails flap in the fresh sea breeze, starting a tug-of-war with the team down below.

Flawlessly polished brass shines in the sunlight. Then with one final strong tug on the main halyard, the yacht is ready to feel the full force of the wind - mission accomplished!

It takes our crew almost one hour to hoist the sails by hand, and it is a fascinating spectacle each and every time. Once firmly enveloped in a romantic tall ship setting, you will understand just why our vessels are the most beautiful part of the adventure:

After all, a voyage aboard a majestic tall ship is much more than just a cruise.

A private yacht experience

Part of the unique appeal of a private yacht is the intimacy of the setting and that feeling of being amongst friends.

The three SEA CLOUDs offer our guests exactly the same experience thanks to their sophisticated yet relaxed atmosphere. Up to 85 crew members are there to ensure that all of our guests on board - a maximum of 136 travellers from all over the world - enjoy a unique cruise that is tailored to their needs.

Our personal service and laid-back ambience satisfy the highest expectations and allow you to enjoy an exquisite experience at your own pace.

Members Club

Loyalty reward programme

Earn rewards for your loyalty with SEA CLOUD CRUISES' loyalty programme.

If you have already taken at least two cruises aboard one of our SEA CLOUD CRUISES yachts, you will receive a loyalty discount of 3-5% off the cruise price for each additional trip you book on the SEA CLOUD or the SEA CLOUD II.

The following loyalty discounts apply to all new bookings:

  • 3% when booking your 3rd cruise with SEA CLOUD CRUISES
  • 4% when booking your 4th cruise with SEA CLOUD CRUISES
  • 5% when booking your 5th or any additional cruise with SEA CLOUD CRUISES

The discount will be calculated for each individual passenger based on the number of previously completed voyages [1] and pending voyages already booked/deposited with SEA CLOUD CRUISES and will be automatically deducted from the overall cruise price [2] when the booking is made, regardless of which trusted partner you place your booking with. The discount is non-transferable, cannot be redeemed for cash and is forfeited if you cancel your cruise. Any legal action is precluded.

A special feature of our loyalty scheme is that loyalty discounts can be combined with all other special offers available on our cruise bookings, such as the early-booking incentive or combination discounts.

As a special thank you to all our customers who have been travelling with us for a number of years, we will include any cruises completed [1] since 2004 when calculating your loyalty premium.